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At Axis Medical Extrusion, we specialize in the manufacturing of both medical and nonmedical precision extrusions. Our team has a high level of expertise in new product development of thermoplastic extrusions, which allows us to be flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities span a broad range of products and thermoplastic polymers which makes us the perfect partner for all of your custom or production precision tubing extrusion needs.


We understand the importance of hitting critical timelines for new product development projects. Therefore, we offer a quick turnaround to help speed up your process development to ensure you hit your project milestones- on time.


We also offer design assistance that can help you get from concept to fully developed product in a shorter timespan. Contact us today for more information on how we can partner on your development project. 



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We specialize in precision microbore thermoplastics tubing extrusion for the medical device industry. However, we also serve other industries looking for precision extrusions with high performance requirements. We like to push the envelope and we always strive for continuous improvement to develop new and innovative solutions to the ever evolving market and regulatory demands. 


Our expertise in manufacturing and dedicated team set us apart from other medical extrusion companies in the industry. Our highly skilled team has many years of engineering,  design and process development experience in the medical extrusion industry. We leverage our many years of experience in thermoplastic and thermoset extrusion processing to develop best practices for process development and controls. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations. Our team is highly experienced in quality control methods that will yield the top performing extrusions for all of your applications.  


Browse through our site to learn more about our capabilities. Contact us now for any questions or more information about our capabilities and services. 


Axis Medical Extrusion- Committed to Quality 



Axis Medical Extrusion is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. We complete each of our builds with quality as our top priority. We take pride in the fact that we build quality into our manufacturing processes. We use real-time online process monitoring and controls in addition to our functional, visual and dimensional quality inspections. We use closed-loop feedback controls to minimize long and short term variability in the process to yield tighter tolerance extrusions. Our ISO certified quality system ensures that you have the best quality controls and product repeatability & performance. 




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