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Custom Extrusion Tooling

Did you know that your extrusion providers tool design expertise is critical to your success? 


At Axis Medical Extrusion, our in-house tooling design and fabrication expertise set us apart from others in the industry. Having the right tool design is the first step in robust extrusion process development and quality control. Improper tool design can lead to increased extrusion manufacturing costs and increased end user costs. Increased end user cost can be driven by decreased product quality due to dimensional variation, cosmetic defects, geometric abnormalities and undesired mechanical properties.


Our design and fabrication team is the best in the industry and we know the importance of proper tool design and selection. Tool design and materials of construction need to be determined based on the specific polymer and geometry being extruded. Our experts have decades of experience, which is invaluable to create custom extrusion tooling to meet all of your product requirements. 



Have a great idea or concept and need help bringing it to reality? Axis Medical Extrusion offers consultation services that include process development; tooling design & development; creation of technical engineering drawings; assistance with selection of materials of construction; and product testing to help bring your concept from a great idea to completion. Contact us to discuss your project details. 



Some of our areas of expertise and services:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • R&D / New Product Development
  • Project Collaboration 
  • Expert Tool Design
  • Process Development Services
  • Extrusion Process Consulting Services 
  • Process Validation 
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) 
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 6 Sigma 
  • ISO 9001 & 13485 Compliant


We offer post extrusion processing such as: 

  • Tipping
  • Reflow
  • Hole punching and drilling
  • Custom skiving and cutting operations 
  • Printing
  • Laser cutting and ablation
  • High precision length cutting 
  • Forming 


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